Cain WrightCain Wright is the Manager and Member of Wright Property Group, where he purchases, leases, and renovates single and multifamily real estate in the Tulsa metro area. The group owns approximately 100 units. He is also the Senior Vice President of Commercial Lending at Grand Bank. Before Wright Property Group, Cain was the Vice President of First Bank of Owasso and the Assistant Vice President of Welch State Bank.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Cain Wright shares how he began investing in real estate and his inspiration for building generational wealth
  • How Cain acquired his second investment property
  • The importance of building a rapport with buyers and sellers 
  • Expanding a rental portfolio to acquire multifamily properties 
  • Cain’s prudent investment models and renovation criteria 
  • How does Cain conceptualize property renovations?
  • Advice for transitioning from single to multifamily investment properties 
  • Single or multifamily: which is more profitable?

In this episode…

Are you considering investing in real estate but don’t know where to start? There are numerous sectors of this industry, including single and multifamily properties, both of which are profitable individually. So how can you determine the most valuable path to develop and enhance your investment portfolio?

While single-family rentals add greater value to your portfolio, multifamily investments allow you to scale. Consequently, Cain Wright says to select an asset methodology that suits your needs and goals. He began acquiring single-family properties before adopting a path-of-progress investment strategy to transition into multifamily units based on demographic trends. As a result, Cain has a 100% success rate and a high profit margin for every multifamily property acquisition. 

Cain Wright, Manager and Member of Wright Property Group, joins Mat Zalk on today’s episode of The Same Day Podcast to discuss investment strategies for single and multifamily properties. Cain explains the importance of building a rapport with buyers and sellers, how he optimized his rental portfolio to acquire multifamily rentals, and his renovation criteria.

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:05

Welcome to The Same Day Podcast where we discuss driving incremental business growth and other topics related to real estate, property management and entrepreneurship. Now to the show at hand.

Mat Zalk 0:20

Mat Zalk here on the host of The Same Day Podcast where I connect with top business experts and real estate leaders. past guests include Devin Howland, talking about the economic development situation in Fayetteville Arkansas Yoni Schmidt, of the Keyrenter team talking about property owners frequently asked questions, and Kevin Evans of Liberty Air Services talking about HVAC systems, how they work and why they’re super, super complicated. I remember him talking about holes in copper lines just real quick and being like, why are there multiple holes and copper lines after you fix one and another one pops up and he’s like, Yo, there’s hot and cold gas and liquids running through these things for 15 years, and they just were out and I was like, Ah, that’s a really good point. But our owners often don’t understand that and the solution can be to just buy a new system which will last you for another 10 or 15 years. 20 years and Cain I’m happy to have you talked about that because that’s generally how you reposition your property. So I love it. Today’s episode is brought to you by Chris Lile State Farm Chris Lile State Farm helps you protect your most protect your most precious assets and investments whether it’s your home and auto investment rental properties or other valuables called Chris Lile State Farm for a quick and painless phone call. to potentially save you double digits on your insurance needs visit That’s or call his office at 918-878-7771. This episode is also brought to you by Keyrenter Property Management and Keyrenter Property Management. We are a full service property management company helping our clients buy renovate and operate real estate assets. We help our clients build wealth while taking the headache out of property management. Listen, Cain, you know as well as anybody it’s hard to line up contractors to get maker and he’s done in a reasonable amount of time. If you don’t have the scale that Wright Property Group has contractors are busy, the work seems to drag on forever. And all of this leads to lost rental income. I don’t know anybody better than knows it more viscerally than you would. And I do so it’s a very painful process, but it can render we line up our dedicated vendors so that unit turns can happen super quickly and we get more money back into the pockets of our owners. That’s why no matter what rentals you have single family homes, condos, townhomes apartments, we’ve got the management solutions, you need to go to or [email protected] a huge shout out to Jesse Hancock on our team at keyrenter for introducing us to Cain Wright. Our guest today. Jesse’s not only been an awesome property manager but he’s got tons of people in his Tulsa network and he’s been an investor friendly agent for ever and just, you know, has it going on knows the community so we appreciate Jesse forever and ever. Let’s introduce Cain Wright Cain Wright’s a multifamily and single family investor based in Tulsa, his group owns approximately 100 doors focusing on renovating and repositioning complexes. And if you just do a quick Google search for white oaks and black oaks, you’ll see what that really means a lot of people think they’re doing it but Cain’s team is really really doing it. Right property group also flip flips homes and they carry real estate license. professionally. Cain is a Senior Vice President at Grand bank with focus on investment lending, welcome Cain to the show. We appreciate you being here.

Cain Wright 3:12

Yeah, thank you for having me.

Mat Zalk 3:14

You look dapper as always. Yesterday for a walkthrough of a new of a an unfinished building that is going to be a hotel called the Brut downtown which looks sorry, it’s what is it? 16 in Boulder, super awesome. I was dressed like a contractor, you’re dressed like a gentleman. So I appreciate I appreciate that about you. Tell us a little bit tell us how you got started in the in the real estate investing game, you got a big portfolio, but it has to start at some point for listeners that don’t own anything, or maybe on some small and want to get to your scale. Tell us how it happened for you. 

Cain Wright 3:44

Yeah, yeah, it’s, it’s certainly been an evolution. So you know, I have I have a my undergraduate degrees in finance. You know, I thought I was going to be a traditional investment broker went in, you know, I came from a very humble background, so didn’t have a lot of support. So I, you know, I needed to work immediately when I graduated. So I had to intern with a bank, they had one semester left, they offered me a full time position after graduation. So, you know, I accepted, I graduated, and started the next week, they kind of threw me right into the fire and lending. So I knew I knew finance, but I didn’t understand, you know, real estate investment, anything. And, you know, just started working with different clients. And then I think really, at that time, I was, you know, looking at all these wealth, wealth methodologies and how to generate and create this generational wealth. And especially it was it was vital to me at such an early age, just coming from poverty. Just like I want to break this I understand. You know, I’m reading all the books that you hear all the time, right, so Rich Dad Poor Dad, you know, thinking thinking Grow Rich. Ah, everything and I’m just absorbing it all. And I get an opportunity to work with an investor who ultimately became a mentor to me, who I still is a good friend today.

Mat Zalk 5:13

So who’s that we?

Cain Wright 5:15

So his name is Jeff Clay. Great. He he’s he it’s interesting because real estate investor but focuses on retail like strip mall costs, so not something not something that I do but

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