Whether you are thinking about renovating your own home, renovating a rental property, or renovating to sell, it’s important to consider design and house trends to increase the tenant population and attend to the trend. Most people want to see properties with up to date trend styles and will usually be more drawn to houses that do so. So before making plans and reservations to renovate your property, look at some of the design trends to help you make the best option.


While the all-white cabinets will most likely stay, the inclusion of a pop of color has become popular. Dark blue cabinetry will be one you will start seeing to pop up. You will also see two-toned kitchen cabinets, grey cabinets, and natural wood cabinets stick and stay. Extra deep drawers with the open shelving concept will also become very popular. The use of minimalistic hardware and looks will be very prevalent with a multi-purpose island as well. Double Islands will also creep into this new year along with boldly patterned backsplashes and geometric shapes. As far as kitchen surfaces and surfaces around the house, wood grain, glossy, and chalk or matte looks are what you want to move towards or focus on.


Mixed metal accents and finishes, such as silver, gold, tin, and copper, will be super popular this year along with the introduction of black. Many experts say black furnishings will be bigger than ever in 2020 as we will see it on larger design elements such as accent walls, sofas, and cabinetry. Some even say black kitchen cabinets could become popular along with the others mentioned above. However, Brett Elron explains that if black kitchen cabinets are too much for you, “consider the lowers to be done in black and the uppers are done in wood.” So black tiling with wood cabinetry.  Geometric patterns will continue to stay and will become easier and easier to find around stores. Just make sure to not overdo it and find a good balance. Floral wallpaper and fabrics have been around for a while but they will be a hot trend this year. People will begin using these floral patterns to make their walls and rooms pop. Green accents will also be popular to add to rooms.

Other Renovations

Going along with all the new hot trends 2020 will bring as far as design, it’s also important to consider taking down walls to open up rooms, especially walls that surround kitchens. Adding double vanities in bathrooms is also a nice renovation that is quite popular right now and in the future. Updating windows, adding a tile backsplash, and renovating anything else in the bathrooms or kitchens are pretty important to successfully renovate a property. Doing some of these things, such as updating windows, can actually help the tenants lower their utility bills in all seasons. Adding energy-efficient windows can help reduce heating and cooling energy use. Look for the best windows that will work well with your climate. Any other energy-efficient renovation can also help lower utility bills. For any other renovation ideas and trends, contact Keyrenter Tulsa today!