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Is managing your Bixby rental property causing stress? Are you experiencing longer vacancy times, inconsistent rent payments, or dealing with difficult tenants? If you are, Keyrenter Tulsa can help.

Keyrenter Tulsa is an experienced and professional property management company. Our goal is to help property owners, like yourself, maximize their rental income and minimize stress.

Currently, we manage over 500 homes. Our comprehensive suite of property management services cover all aspects of property management. Whether that is rental marketing, tenant screening, rent payments, property maintenance, or even legal compliance.

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As professionals, we maintain active memberships with the Better Business Bureau, Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency, and Osage Nation Housing Department, among other organizations.

Don’t let your Bixby rental property overwhelm you! We’ve helped countless property owners before, we can certainly do the same for you. Among other things, we’ll help you fill your vacancies quickly, find the best tenant, collect rent on time, and care for your rental property.

You can get in touch with us by dialing (918) 351-7000. Alternatively, send us a message at [email protected].

Our Property Management Services

Managing a rental property on your own can be stressful, especially if you’re just starting out or are an out-of-state investor. And as a result, you may experience long vacancies and/or rent to difficult tenants.

Luckily for you, a property management company can help. At Keyrenter Tulsa, we live and breathe property management. The following are some of the services we can help you with.

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1. Marketing Your Bixby Rental Property.

If you’re struggling to fill your vacancies on time, you won’t be able to maximize your rental income. Matter of fact, you may even find yourself operating a negative cash flow. In other words, you’ll need to look for funds elsewhere in order to sustain your rental investment.

At Keyrenter Tulsa, we have a reputation of helping property owners fill vacancies quickly. Generally speaking, we’re able to fill vacancies in under 2 weeks; sometimes even sooner.

Our marketing strategy is designed to target the right tenants. We also market vacant rentals extensively to ensure our rental ads are seen by a large prospective tenant pool. Some of the advertisement channels we use include local classifieds, social media, online listing services, as well as yard signs and flyers.

2. Screening Prospective Tenants.

This process comes right after running an extensive marketing campaign. We screen tenants to ensure we maximize the chances of landing the right ones. The right tenants possess the following qualities.

  • Make sufficient income to afford rent payments monthly.
  • Are financially responsible by having a good credit rating.
  • Have a reliable employment history.
  • Have zero history of being evicted for violating the terms of the lease agreement.
  • Have a rental background showing they are reliable tenants.

We’re able to determine all that by doing the following crucial things.

  • Calling prior landlords to ascertain their rental history.
  • Calling current employers to ascertain their income level.
  • Verifying their credit rating through credit referencing bureaus like Equifax.
  • Checking their eviction and criminal backgrounds through various government agencies.

It’s safe to say that we leave no stone unturned in our quest to land you a dream tenant!

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3. Inspecting Your Rental Property.

One key component of property management is property inspection. This process helps us ensure that our clients’ rentals are functioning optimally.

To ensure the process is seamless, we incorporate inspection details into lease agreements, allowing the tenant to be aware of when to expect them.

We usually carry out four types of rental inspections. That is, when the tenant is first moving in, when seasons change, when driving by, and when they move out.

4. Repairing and Maintaining Your Rental Property.

When self-managing your rental property, you may not have the time to be fully involved in the day-to-day running of your property. This may particularly be the case if you already have a full-time job.

That said, for your Bixby rental property to realize its full potential, it has to be in great shape. Luckily for you, we can help! Keyrenter Tulsa has the right team of professionals to help you handle repairs and carry out routine maintenance procedures.

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In addition, we make reporting repair and maintenance issues so easy for our tenants thanks to an online portal. On our side, we make sure to respond accordingly. We usually respond to urgent issues within a few hours and non-urgent ones within a few days after receiving the request.

This ensures that our tenants are happy. And guess what? Happy tenants mean a high tenant retention ratio and an overall great landlording experience, among other things.

5. Collecting rent on your behalf.

Rent is the lifeline of any rental investment business. However, without landlord experience, you may have a hard time ensuring consistent rent payments.

But with us by your side, you can always rest assured that you’ll get paid on time, every time. We screen prospects thoroughly to ensure they fit the bill. In addition to this, we also make rent payment easy and convenient for them.

About Bixby, Oklahoma

Bixby is a city in Tulsa and Wagoner counties. Home to just over 27,000 residents, Bixby is part of the surrounding Tulsa metro area. The city was named after Tams Bixby – the chairman of the Dawes Commission.

Bixby is a great place to work, live and play. It scores high marks when it comes to livability, cost of living, crime, and education. There’s no wonder its population has been on an upswing over the last couple of years.

Top attractions in Bixby include Bixhoma Lake, Haikey Creek Park, Lake Bixhoma Park, Duck Creek Casino, Bentley Park, and Washington Irving Memorial Park and Arboretum.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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