Tyler BennettTyler Bennett is the Owner of Tyler Bennett Real Estate. He holds mortgage, real estate, and insurance licenses in Utah and owns an insurance office. Over the past 15 years, Tyler has helped investment buyers purchase and rent over 6,000 single-family residences. He is active in many real estate categories, including rentals, repositioning, development, and buying and selling assets.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Tyler Bennett became involved in real estate
  • Tyler talks about real estate investment trends and how he helps investors purchase properties
  • Crucial metrics for identifying profitable rental markets
  • Tyler’s criteria for assessing property managers
  • Hiring and retaining qualified talent
  • The benefits of investing in real estate and how to educate clients about ROI
  • Mat Zalk and Tyler discuss their entrepreneurial legacies

In this episode…

When it comes to investing, many people invest their assets in the stock market. But have you considered real estate? Unlike the stock market, real estate is a tangible asset that can generate two to three times more ROI. So what do you need to know about investing in rental properties, and how can you break into this competitive and lucrative market?

One of the most essential factors to consider when venturing into real estate is the rental market. Tyler Bennett encourages investors to assess the country’s top markets, source and identify profitable deals, and establish infrastructure in those markets. Tyler Bennett Real Estate provides access to favorable markets, helps you build a portfolio, and acquires experienced property managers to handle all aspects of the management process.

Mat Zalk sits down with Tyler Bennett, Owner of Tyler Bennett Real Estate, in today’s episode of The Same Day Podcast to talk about real estate investment strategies. Tyler addresses real estate investment market trends, his criteria for evaluating property managers, and the benefits of investing in real estate.

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:05

Welcome to The Same Day Podcast where we discuss driving incremental business growth and other topics related to real estate, property management and entrepreneurship. Now to the show at hand.

Mat Zalk 0:20

Mat Zalk here on the host of The Same Day Podcast where I connect with top business experts and real estate leaders past guests include Devin Howland, talking about economic development in Fayetteville, Yoni Schmidt, the Keyrenter team talking about property owners frequently asked questions and Kevin Evans of Liberty Air talking about h 5x systems and how they work and why they’re so darn complicated. Today’s episode is brought to you by Chris Lile State Farm Chris Lile State Farm helps you protect your most precious assets and investments. Whether it’s your home and auto investment rental properties or other valuables call Chris Lile State Farm for a quick and painless phone call to potentially save you double digits on all your insurance needs. diallal.com or call his office at 918-878-7771 Today’s episode is also brought to you by Keyrenter Property Management, Keyrenter Property Management we are a full service property management company helping our clients buy renovate and operate real estate assets. We help our clients build wealth while taking the headache out of property management. Tyler you know, as good as anybody you’ve been in this industry a long time it’s hard to get contractors lined up so you can do make readies in a reasonable amount of time. And if you don’t have the scale to do it, it becomes even more difficult contractors are busy and work seems to drag on forever. And all that leads to lost rental income but a Keyrenter we line up our dedicated vendor so that unit turns can happen super quickly and we get more money back into the pockets of our owners. That’s why no matter what rental you have single family homes, condos, townhomes apartments, we’ve got the management solutions that you need, go to keyrenterpmc.com or email us at info at keyrenterpmc.com a huge shout out to Diane Higgins who initially introduced us to the TV team Tyler Bennett and his folks and we’re grateful for for Diane and for dec for having introduced us. And let me do a quick bio of Tyler Tyler Bennett has vast experience in real estate and lending. He currently holds a mortgage license, a real estate license and an insurance license. Over the past 15 years he successfully helped investment buyers purchase and rent over 6000 single family residences. That’s 6000 That is a huge number. It’s well over a billion dollars in value. He’s personally active in many forms of real estate including rentals repositioning developing, and the buying and selling of many types of assets. He specializes in entry level single family homes and identifies the top markets in the country for that strategy. Tyler is also a serial entrepreneur. He owns awardwinning Amara Day Spa Salon and boutique which has several locations and employs over 115 people. He serves on the board of directors of a water company enjoys being actively involved in securing clean healthy water to the residents of the HOA Tyler and Lee his wife live in Lindon, Utah with their five children. I was just saying that that’s aspirational for me to either because I’ve got three and I would love to have five it at some point.

Tyler Bennett 3:05

Yeah, no dull moments.

Mat Zalk 3:06

Yeah, the older kids and keeps us young. Exactly. Yeah, the older kids doing some diapers for the younger kids trying to be helpful. They’re not always helpful. Yeah. Diaper and drop it on the floor dropped the contents on the floor by accident. You can’t really blame them, because they were trying to be helpful. But anyways, Tyler, welcome to the show. Happy to happy that you’re here.

Tyler Bennett 3:27

Thanks for having me, Mat. Yeah, pleasure to be here. And, and looking forward to it.

Mat Zalk 3:31

Let’s start at the beginning. What? What got you started in real estate?

Tyler Bennett 3:37

Absolutely. Good question. So back in 2003 2004, I was kind of going to finance track, I’ve always liked numbers, analytics, kind of investment banking or investing. And I have an older brother, who is a general contractor and developer, and then some buddies that kind of got me over into the mortgage and real estate side of things. And, and the more I learned about it, the more I really enjoyed the really the investment side of the strategy side of understanding the numbers and and then, you know, ultimately, what led to using real estate as a vehicle, you know, an investment banker might use stock market, or m&a business or whatever they’re doing or they’re specialized in and, and so I just I really enjoyed kind of the game of real estate, but more importantly, you know how power done right, how it can be a vehicle to improve people’s financial lives.

Mat Zalk 4:37

So you started buying real estate for yourselves and then and then you transitioned into helping others buy single family residential units.

Tyler Bennett 4:42

Yeah, yeah. 100%. And, you know, at that time in, oh, five, I mean, I was early 20s. And we were doing all kinds of real estate and the reality is, you couldn’t go wrong, right, the market was exploding. So we’re doing fix and flips we’re doing some buy and hold. We’re doing land development were to spec homes, and everything went right until nothing went right. Basically, you know, in 2008, the financial crisis and, and, you know, we learned a lot through that, which ultimately led me to this kind of specializing in single families, because there was a small portion of my own portfolio, I made a bunch of money, and I gave it all back right when it crashed. And I saw the same thing with my clients, but a small chunk of my portfolio and my clients portfolio survived. And it was these entry level single family homes, the value went down, but not nearly as much as some of the other asset classes inside of real estate. But more importantly, we still have customers. And in fact, demand increased because people were losing their homes, but they still needed a place to live. And so we were able to hold those those homes and, and not have vacancies. In fact, rents went up in Oh, 809 for us. And ultimately, that’s what led me to develop in a whole kind of niche and box that we work inside of with these entry level single family homes, because it’s, it’s kind of this formula that works and up down and sideways markets, right?
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