It is vital for landlords to follow Fair Housing practices to minimize the likelihood of lawsuits and protect their business from both legal issues and reputation devastation. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, there are many resources available for local landlords to ensure that they are familiar with these laws. The Tulsa Apartment Association provides information and instruction on important Fair Housing practices to follow.

What is the Fair Housing Act?

The Fair Housing Act was created in order to prevent discrimination related to housing. These laws prohibit discrimination on the basis of many different factors, including race, religion, nation of origin, color, disability, sex, and familial status. In order to ensure compliance with these laws, it is important for landlords to familiarize themselves with the relevant laws of the Fair Housing Act. Following a few standard practices can help to eliminate issues and potential lawsuits from arising.

Best Practices for Fair Housing

It is vital to devise standard procedures for tenant screening. When you have these procedures written down, you can help to protect yourself from Fair Housing lawsuits. For example, a tenant that has been rejected may claim that the rejection was due to a prohibited basis resulting in discrimination, such as religion or sex. However, having written standards will allow you to prove that the rejection was due to a credit score that was lower than your criteria, rather than any discriminatory reason. Ensure that you never discriminate toward tenants or potential tenants and train your employees on how to remain compliant with Fair Housing laws. Ensuring that you follow the appropriate Fair Housing practices will minimize the likelihood of discrimination lawsuits that can be devastating to your business. It is important to ensure that you are familiar with the Fair Housing Act, as well as any laws that are applicable in your area. To learn more about the best Fair Housing practices in Tulsa, Oklahoma, contact us at Keyrenter today!